tiger tv
  • Tiger TV is a program at Shady Spring High School that is primarily ran by the Public Speaking class. The class is one semester long and throughout the semester students gather information and create a weekly newscast for all students to view during LINKS class on Friday mornings. The information presented on Tiger TV can vary from sports scores and schedules to upcoming events in the school and community. There are also special segments that recap senior nights in sports and various other events taking place inside of Shady Spring High School.

    There was an absence of a newscast program at Shady Spring for almost two decades until the 2018-2019 school year when Mr. Bostic and his first semester Public Speaking class decided to attempt to revive the idea of a schoolwide newscast. The pilot episode was met with great reviews and took flight from there. In just one year’s time it has grown and is now an anticipated part of Friday mornings at Shady Spring High School.