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    Dress Code
    • Clothing may not include words or visuals which are obscene, abusive or discriminatory, or which advertise tobacco, alcohol, narcotics or dangerous drugs.
    • Shorts, dresses and other similar clothing should be no shorter than mid-thigh.
    • Articles of clothing (such as hats) which are considered disruptive to the learning environment shall not be allowed.
    • Clothing which makes reference to violence, suicide, murder, or the promotion of hatred may not be worn on school property.

    Edline Parent Login

    If you do not have a "Parent" Edline Account for your child please come to the office to activate your account.

    Please bring with you a photo identification. Edline activation codes may not be given over the phone or by email. 

    It is very important for parents to have their own Edline Account to monitor their child's classroom performance, see assignments posted by teachers, and stay informed about various school activities.  Therefore, Edline is a vital communication tool for our school.  

    Thank you! 

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    The Raleigh County Schools grade scale is as follows:
    A = 93 - 100 B = 85 - 92 C = 75 - 84 D = 65 - 74 F = 64 and below

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